Customer Testimonials



Read our customer testimonials to see why SPLASH® is the nation’s trusted and recognized brand for windshield wiper fluid and blades , de-icers , ice melt , and specialty cleaning products. We provide environmentally friendly, effective, safe solutions for automotive professionals, shop owners, vehicle owners, and homeowners.  

Due to a previously announced "winter storm warning," my wife and I purchased a container of Splash Red Hot De-Icer. This was the first time we saw this product and decided to give it a try. What a pleasant surprise!! This product did exactly what is printed on the canister in which it is packaged. The product was easy to apply, took very little time to do its job and left our windshields clean and ice-free. Thanks for advertising a product as it turns out exactly as you state it will. I have already purchased 2 more containers for any future snow/ice storms.

– Michael T. | Michigan

My SPLASH Safeview blades have been great on my car. They are great for the rainy weather. Thanks SPLASH!

– Melissa F. | Missouri

SPLASH is the only product that I purchase for windshield washer fluid. It works great and I can always see out of my windshield.

– Amie M. | Minnesota

SPLASH Ice Melt is so amazing! I use it throughout the (long) Minnesota winters and it keeps my front walk ice free. I also love that it is pet friendly so I don’t have to worry about my dog walking on it. Thank you SPLASH for keeping my family (4 legged family included) safe!

– Lindsey D. | Minnesota

SPLASH continues to help me See Safely® on my drive. This winter I always kept an extra gallon in my trunk to ensure my windshield was always clean.

– James H. | Wisconsin

SPLASH De-Icer was a great product this winter especially with such cold temperatures. I am thankful that your product cleared my windshield for all weather needs.

– Shirley D. | North Dakota

Thank you for creating a year-round product that I can use in my wash reservoir. It’s nice to have a product that we can know and trust!

– Craig B. | Illinois