Windshield WashSPLASH on Tap

See Safely®with SPLASH®On Tap

You can prepare four types of windshield washer fluid with the pump and temperate setting tips when needed. Purchase a 55 gallon drum of SPLASH® On Tap Methanol Solution with our dispensing system. 

  • Four different tips with -25⁰F (gray), 0⁰F (beige), +20⁰F (red), and +32⁰F (pink) temperature settings
  • Easy to assemble and mount, small apparatus
  • All-in-one just need a water hose
  • Pallet spill containment available for purchase 

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Can I use a different hose than what was provided or add tubes to the hose so that it is longer?

No. You cannot modify the hose provided.


If I want a different temperature setting than the four provided, can I make the hole in the colored tips bigger or smaller?

No. The various temperature setting colored tips were tested in our lab to provide windshield wash at the freezing points outlined. Modification to any of the tips could result in large changes in the freeze points.


Why does the windshield washer fluid flow slowly when the hose is held higher up?

The container that you’re filling with the washer fluid from the pump hose should be lower than dispenser itself.


Does the water pressure from the hose impact the mixture of the windshield washer fluid?

The water pressure will not impact the freeze point of the windshield washer fluid, but increased water pressure will fill your container faster.