Based in Minnesota and part of the  Factory Motor Parts (FMP) family of brands, SPLASH ® provides innovative products that protect against extreme weather and road conditions in any season.  

The comprehensive SPLASH® product line includes windshield wash , wiper blades , pressure washer soap , de-icing fluids , ice melt , antifreeze , fuel treatment, and cleaning products. SPLASH® is the brand to trust for vehicle, marine, home, and recreational solutions. We also offer private-label services for retailers who want to sell our formulas under their own brand. 


Trusted for Our Integrity 

At SPLASH®, we're committed to serving our customers, our community, our industry, and the earth:

  • Our exceptional customer service reflects our company’s flexibility and dedication to finding the right solution for every customer—from our major retailers to the individual SPLASH ® user.
  • We’ve been investing in our community for over two decades. We're proud to contribute to the local economy and bring national brand recognition to our hometown operations. 
  • We serve our industry by producing quality products customers can trust. Using computerized systems, we measure active ingredients to the fluid ounce, guaranteeing freezing points for each batch of solution. 
  • We're doing our part to reduce material waste production and develop biodegradable products to protect the earth. We’re constantly improving the safety, performance, and sustainability of our plants. 


Visionary Legacy

In 1995, Factory Motor Parts (FMP) bought Fox Packaging, a small St. Paul plant that produced windshield washer fluid. Fox Packaging was one of the first companies to add dye to make colored windshield wash, which was formerly only made as a clear liquid. Colored windshield wash allowed drivers to easily check the fluid level in their reservoirs. Eventually, Fox windshield wiper fluid was changed to the SPLASH ® brand, a division of parent company FMP. 

SPLASH® regularly develops new, innovative products to meet the needs of consumers in the United States and Canada. To keep up with the national demand, we run two efficient, high-performing plants in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Ayer, Massachusetts, and use multiple co-packers throughout the United States. 

Contact SPLASH® to find out where to buy our products or how you can become one of our valued retailers.