RV/Marine Antifreeze

Q: Why does SPLASH RV/Marine Antifreeze become slushy or freeze?

A: SPLASH RV/Marine Antifreeze is designed to provide burst protection to temperatures of -50 °F or -100°F. It will appear to be solid around +16 °F. to +20 °F. 

Q. How much SPLASH RV/Marine Antifreeze should be used to winterize my recreational vehicles?

A. Follow the manufactures guidelines when winterize all recreational vehicles.

Q. I accidently put the SPLASH RV/Marine Antifreeze in my car radiator. Is this harmful to my vehicle?

A. Yes, SPLASH RV/Marine Antifreeze does not have the same inhibitor package as car antifreeze so it changes the pH level. The SPLASH RV/Marine Antifreeze must be evacuated and replaced with car antifreeze.

Q. Can I use the SPLASH RV/Marine Antifreeze to winterize my marine engine?

A. Yes but only in the cooling jacket.

Q. What if my pet drank SPLASH RV/Marine Antifreeze? Is this harmful?

A. For dogs, SPLASH RV/Marine Antifreeze is non-poisonous. For cats, SPLASH RV/Marine Antifreeze is harmful. We suggest you call your veterinarian for more information.

Q: Can I use a propylene glycol refractometer or hydrometer to measure the freeze point or burst point of SPLASH antifreeze?

Because SPLASH uses a blend of different burst protection agents instead of just propylene glycol and water, it makes the readings that you get from a refractometer or hydrometer incorrect.

Q: Your label says to 'remove antifreeze with a wet vac from all lines and equipment in the spring.' Is the antifreeze safe to discharge to the pool if I can't vacuum it out?

Yes, the antifreeze is safe for incidental contact and will not be harmful if it is discharged into a pool.

Q: Can I dilute RV/Marine Antifreeze if in my area it does not get as cold as the bottle protects up too?

If product has been diluted we can not guarantee burst protection for the recreational vehicle that you used it in.

Washer Fluid

Q. I accidentally added SPLASH RV/Marine Antifreeze to my washer fluid reservoir.

A. Remove the SPLASH RV/Marine Antifreeze immediately and replace it with SPLASH Windshield Wash Fluid.  The SPLASH RV/Marine Antifreeze will become opaque on your windshield to a point that you will not see.



Q: Why can windshield wash with freeze protection freeze when it is +10°F outside?

A: If you had as little as 10 oz. or less of another windshield washer fluid product that did not have freeze protection, it could easily raise the freeze point to a temperature above -20°F degrees. Suggestion: When adding new product between seasons, it is suggested to empty your reservoir completely to ensure you have freeze protection in the colder months to avoid dilution of your washer fluid.


Q: Where do I find the SDS for SPLASH products?

A: Each product page has this information. Also, you can visit the SDS Product Page here to get the entire list of SDS.

Q: How do I install AccuVision Wiper Blades?

A: Each product page has this information or you may download the full instructions here.

Q: How do I install Safeview performance wiper blades?

A: Each product page has this information or you may download the full instructions here.


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SPLASH continues to help me See Safely on my drive. This winter I always kept an extra gallon in my trunk to ensure my windshield was always clean.

— James H., Wisconsin



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